Market beating

Alpha stocks

These are the stocks that I have come up with on my own. There are a handful of resources that I use for stock ideas. Further research is done on a stock idea before committing real money.

1. Stock Screens

Screens are a great tool to sift through the over 8,000 stocks on the stock exchanges to find the ones that meet the criteria that you are looking for.
There quite a few free screeners but the one I use cost only $29 a year. American Association of Individual Investors or AAII have 42 prebuilt screens modeled after legendary investors such as Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch,  John Neff, Kenneth Fischer, William O’Neill, etc.
Currently there is one stock in the portfolio that is from there, XPEL, blog post upcoming.


This site tracks and grades the performance of stock analysts from Wall Street and financial bloggers. Ratings are based on their success rate and return rate. Periodically they send out stock selections from Wall Street analysts and that is a source of stock idea to research further. One such name I’ve acted on is GOCO which I will detail in an upcoming blog post.


Stock picking service providers there will periodically give out a selection free of charge. Some of the stocks that I’ve acted on are FOUR, FSLY, MELI, PYPL, and ETSY.

4. Tips from friends

Nothing wrong with exchanging stock ideas between friends because the final decision rest with you. You have to do your homework on an idea before putting your money on it. These stocks are tips from my friend Tim, NIO, and Unlucky Coffee LKNCY.


This 40 year old publisher has a team of analysts offering free and paid stock recommendations.  In the 1980’s they called the personal computer boom and called the internet boom of the 1990’s.  Free articles are published daily free of charge and free newsletters are also available.

Information Overload

There is a real danger of having too much information at your disposal.  It can lead to analysis paralysis.  It can consume all your waking hours if your not careful.  The problem that I’m facing is I won’t have enough money to take action on all the ideas that I’ve come across, especially now that I’m focusing on SPACs.


Below is the spreadsheet updated in real time of stocks that I have personally selected.